This is my test file:

const assert = require('assert');

const TOKEN_WASM_PATH = './contracts/group/group.wasm';
const TOKEN_ABI_PATH = './contracts/group/group.abi';

describe("EOSIO Group", function (eoslime) {


    let groupContract;
        let groupTable;
        let adminAccount;

    before(async () => {
            adminAccount = await eoslime.Account.load('groupaccount','myPK','active');

    before(async () => {
        groupContract = eoslime.Contract.at(TOKEN_ABI_PATH, 'group', adminAccount);
        groupTable = groupContract.groups;

    it("Should create a new group", async () => {
             await groupContract.upsertgroup("group2", "Assistant", "normal user include all users", "Common", 1,{ from: adminAccount.name });

It is giving error on eoslime test:

1) EOSIO Group
     UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Provided String is not an instance of BaseAccount
      Should create a new group:
    TypeError: groupContract.upsertgroup is not a function
     at Context.it (tests/example-tests.js:37:27)

Contract name is "group", it is deployed on the account which is loaded here in before(). So, I don't need to deploy it here again. Only access contract and call its actions. Please help.

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I found solution on Github. The first problem was eoslime was not installed properly (locally). So, I changed the project directory and installed eoslime in that directory again. Second, the changes in code. Added:

const eoslime = require('eoslime').init();


contract = await eoslime.Contract.at(CONTRACT_NAME,adminAccount)

It solves all errors.

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