I want to measure TPS for my localhost network. What are the ways? I am using eoslime for unit testing, here testing gives output:

EOSIO Unit testing
    ✓ Should add fruits (1645ms)
    ✓ Should add animals (821ms)
    ✓ Should add document (774ms)
    1) Should create documented
    ✓ Should send data(710ms)
    ✓ Should check data exist
    ✓ Should remove fruits (349ms)
    ✓ Should remove animals (463ms)
    ✓ Should remove document (653ms)

  8 passing (6s)

Here, (6s) is the time required for the total transactions? Can I consider this for TPS? If yes, I can only have one or two transactions in 1 second. It means it is too slow. Please help.

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