I want to convert a time_point variable to a string using eos studio. I need to insert a time_point variable in a string in order to creare the object of my smart contract.


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below is my code:

struct TimePoint_micro_sec {
    int64_t count;

    [[nodiscard]] std::string  ToString() const;

std::string TimePoint_micro_sec::ToString() const {
    const uint64_t    seconds      = count / 1'000'000ULL;
    const uint64_t    milliseconds = (count % 1'000'000ULL) / 1'000ULL;
    const std::string padded_ms    = std::to_string(milliseconds + 1'000ULL).substr(1);
    const auto        ptime        = boost::posix_time::from_time_t(time_t(seconds));
    return boost::posix_time::to_iso_extended_string(ptime) + "." + padded_ms;

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