I'm really hoping someone can help me. I'm struggling to access my EOS since the main-net launch (yes I know this was a while ago).

I registered my EOS tokens prior to the cut-off date and held them using my Ledger Nano S but it wasn't until recently that I have tried to access my EOS using the private key that I was provided upon registering my tokens. I can view my EOS with the public address that I was provided and it is all still sitting there but when I try to use my private key, I am told "unrecognised private key type". It is 100% correct as I checked numerous times when I took it down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if you could point e in the right direction.

Thank you.

  • Does your private key follow this format? Here's a sample keypair I have just generated: Private key: 5HzYitmMbjnDy9eWSjYpr4XpTQius6AHnEKRkfRK8QWey1Q7SLf Public key: EOS6qYiVZKHeGxGrbY5P6aS8JPPupb1mrd2QYze6WR5Kq2b5zk3op -- note that all private keys start with a "5", and it seems the first two letters are always "5H", "5J" or "5K", at least that's what I see here if I try to generate a bunch of keys. Also, try downloading Scatter (get-scatter.com) and entering your private key manually there. (DON'T POST your private key here, of course) Oct 23, 2020 at 19:20
  • Yes the private key and public address both start with the correct format. I'll give it a go. Thank you for your assistance
    – OWSI
    Oct 23, 2020 at 22:08
  • Tried Scatter with no luck. Am I just typing the private key into the first screen where it asks for a password? Also, your example private key has 51 characters, SimplEOS only allows for 50 characters (I have 50 characters in mine, not 51 as well).
    – OWSI
    Oct 23, 2020 at 22:39
  • The first screen in Scatter is the wallet password. Oct 25, 2020 at 0:46
  • I have generated a bunch of private keys here (20+) using cleos create key --to-console and all of them have 51 characters total. You probably forgot a letter somewhere. If that's the case, the good news is that writing some software/tool to find the missing letter is not very difficult and it should complete pretty quickly. Oct 25, 2020 at 0:51


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