Basically, staking and unstaking are an on going process throughout the life of a blockchain and in EOSIO we have

  1. 0.1 token not 10% of the account's tokens is staked for RAM

  2. Cleos stakes 8 KB of RAM on account creation paid by the account creator

  3. 0.45 token is staked for CPU

  4. 0.45 token is staked for network

    My question is, is it possible user stake and earn reward without using CPU and RAM

as one of the main issues in EOSIO based blockchains today is the cost of using the network and CPU resources.

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I am not sure I understand fully your question, however here's an attempt at answering it. Any interaction with a smart contract's actions requires sufficient resources for those actions to start and finish successfully. when you stake, you interact with a smart contract therefore someone needs to pay for the execution of staking action.

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