I am using a secondary key to get table rows:

static async getItemById(itemId){
      const rpc = new JsonRpc(process.env.REACT_APP_EOS_HTTP_ENDPOINT);
      const result = await rpc.get_table_rows({
        "json": true,
        "code": process.env.REACT_APP_EOS_CONTRACT_NAME,
        "scope": process.env.REACT_APP_EOS_CONTRACT_NAME,
        "index_position": "secondary",
        "key_type": "uint64_t",
        "table": "items",
        "limit": 10,
        "lower_bound": itemId,
      return result.rows;
    } catch (err) {

but I get this error:

Error: Unsupported secondary index type: uint64_t
    at new RpcError (eosjs-rpcerror.js:27)
    at JsonRpc.<anonymous> (eosjs-jsonrpc.js:121)
    at step (eosjs-jsonrpc.js:37)
    at Object.next (eosjs-jsonrpc.js:18)
    at fulfilled (eosjs-jsonrpc.js:9)

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It seems that I need to use i64 instead of uint64_t. The API reference is confusing. It clearly mentions uint64_t as an example for the key_type!

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