Each EOS account has two key pairs: "@owner" and "@active". I want to add another key pair under the name "@limited" which I can use in an unsafe environment (VPS) to interact only with specific actions of specific smart contracts. Since I don't trust the VPS provider this new key pair "myaccount@limited" should only be able to execute specific actions of certain smart contracts. I want this new key "@limited" to not have any permissions at all except for those actions I explicitly add to it.

So far I have this:

  1. generate a new key pair for EOS accounts with: cleos create key
  2. try to bind this new public key to myaccount under "@limited" with: cleos set account permission myaccount limited EOS6dXnCnYMENbgY4i7Vx7fsqTbRGPiSNXoZ3tB5xS2M3n7SNaskK owner -p myaccount@owner
  3. add permission for actions to @limited

but 2) fails with the following error message: 3489819ms thread-0 main.cpp:2712 main ] Failed with error: Assert Exception (10) response_content_length >= 0: Invalid content-length response

I read through all the documentation I could find but couldn't really figure it out yet. Is this even possible?

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I figured it out myself. Here is a good article about exactly that from EOS New York: https://medium.com/eos-new-york/creating-a-custom-eos-permission-8626d77fb7df

Bloks.io has a great UI for custom permissions which can be found here: https://bloks.io/wallet/permissions

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