I have created a jungle test net account and used the faucet to get some test tokens, I have 200 EOS / JUNGLE tokens.

I have connected the jungle network in Scatter with the following details:

Blockchain: EOSIO
Host: jungle.eosio.cr
Port: 443
Protocol: https
Chain ID: e70aaab8997e1dfce58fbfac80cbbb8fecec7b99cf982a9444273cbc64c41473

System token
Contract account: eosio.token
Symbol: JUNGLE
Decimals: 4

I have afterwards connected my account, which is: sismytesttok , to it and it shows 0 JUNGLE. I have also tested this without any custom system token settings, and it says 0 EOS.

Version used of Scatter Desktop:

Simple UI 1.0.16
Scatter Desktop 12.1.1

Any hints about what I am missing ?

Thank you!

  • you can redirect this question to the jungle testnet telegram channel t.me/jungletestnet
    – ovi
    Apr 19 '21 at 10:21

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