After reading the documentation about EOS APIs, I tried to get information about an account on the blockchain by following examples and docs. However it's not working and I really don't understand why. This is my Python code:

import requests # Requests: HTTP for Humans

url = "https://api.eosn.io/v1/chain/get_account"
data = {"account": "yupcreators1"}
r = requests.post(url, data)

This is the response error I get:

{"code":500,"message":"Internal Service Error","error":{"code":4,"name":"parse_error_exception","what":"Parse Error","details":[{"message":"Unexpected char '97' in \"account\"","file":"json.cpp","line_number":436,"method":"variant_from_stream"},{"message":"","file":"json.cpp","line_number":459,"method":"from_string"}]}}

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You need 'account_name' instead of 'account', and json needs to be dumped.

import requests, json

url = "https://api.eosn.io/v1/chain/get_account"
data = {"account_name": "yupcreators1"}
r = requests.post(url, json.dumps(data))
  • The account instead of account_name was my mistake when copying the code here, I didn't know I had to dump the data because with the other methods it worked just fine. It works now, thanks a lot. Mar 1, 2021 at 14:22

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