I can get the irreversible status of the transaction because transaction information has both last_irreversible_block and block_num to know the status. But how to get this information for Block? Getting Block information returns:

  "timestamp": "2021-01-28T17:58:59.500",
  "producer": "inith",
  "confirmed": 0,
  "previous": "02e1c78787ff4d4ce6124831b936bb4ef6015e470868a535f1c6e04f3afed8a1",
  "transaction_mroot": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
  "action_mroot": "1bf9d17b5a951cbb6d0a8324e4039744db4137df498abd53046ea26fa74d73c9",
  "schedule_version": 1,
  "new_producers": null,
  "producer_signature": "SIG_K1_JxFfxGA1wZx9LCVjbrBb5nxTuJai7RUSiwRXyY866fYvZZyRtdmQFn9KJCqVHFAiYEsJpDb6dhTmHNDwipJm4rDiyhEmGa",
  "transactions": [],
  "id": "02e1c7888a92206573ae38d00e09366c7ba7bc54cd8b7996506f7d2a619c43ba",
  "block_num": 48351112,
  "ref_block_prefix": 3493375603

It has block_num but not last_irreversible_block. And What is confirmed? Is it related to irreversible status?


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Use /v1/chain/get_info to know the last_irreversible_block_num

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