tl;dr: I just wanted to reuse a "token currency type" with symbol and precisions validations out-of-the-box.

If I’m implementing “token” currency in my contracts, which one should I use?

I’m just asking that because looks like eosjs verifies get_currency_stats for asset and do not for extended_asset and I don’t need that verification. Actually it breaks my app because my contract has a completely different structure of the regular eosio.token...

Asset and Symbol default to eosio.token and both have precision. The asset has an additional amount.

Extended asset and symbol are the same except they both add a contract account. Any custom token will need the extended version.

Both extended and regular version will query get_currency_stats in order to find precision (cached in RAM). At present, it will try to verify precision because that is very important in how the transaction is encoded in binary and required when signing.

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