I have tried setting up the EOS light history node from the instructions mentioned at 'https://steemit.com/eos/@greymass/introducing-light-history-nodes-for-eos' , build getting successful, but after trying to install getting message 'try building first'. Finally I am able to install using eos_install.sh script provided.

Please suggest how to start the EOS node?

  • What kind of information are you interested in? That post is 2 years old and there are many API options available (Hyperion, dfuse, state_history), the first 2 have free API options. You can ask Aaron Cox in the main EOS dev channel as well t.me/joinchat/DQRZHEPktgcLlyfbl-bDuQ
    – Nat
    Apr 8 at 1:47
  • for details on those instructions you followed please ask the question on the telegram eosio dev channel here t.me/joinchat/0uhWYfXVpPlkNTA1 the greymass representatives are always there ready to help also this is a duplicate of eosio.stackexchange.com/questions/5852/…
    – ovi
    Apr 19 at 9:27

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