I am using eos-sharp to get table rows in ASP.NET. By default in the table, I want to show the latest 10 records of the table. So I get them using:

GetTableRowsResponse tabledata = await eos.GetTableRows(new GetTableRowsRequest()
  json = true,
  code = contract,
  scope = contract,
  table = tables[0],
  reverse = true,
  limit = 10

Now I need the next and previous 10 records. I tried for the next 10 records:


But not getting records as expected. What values for lower bound and upper bound should be set? Please help

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lower_bound and upper_bound set the range of primary key of items you want to retrieve. If you want to get first 10 items, then call get_table_rows by lower_bound and upper_bound with the value "", and it will return "next_key" in the result. Then pass the value of "next_key" to lower_bound (or if you want to call with "reverse": true, then next_key needs to be passed to upper_bound). You don't need to set both of lower_bound and upper_bound, because the number of items is deteremined by "limit": 10.


EosSharp is outdated. You need to add EosSharp to your project (instead of installing by NuGet), and modify it.


            Response = new Field[] 
                new Field() { Name = "rows", Type = "List<object>"},
                new Field() { Name = "more", Type = "bool" },
                new Field() { Name = "next_key", Type = "string" } // add this line
            GenericResponse = new Field[] 
                new Field() { Name = "rows", Type = "List<TRowType>"},
                new Field() { Name = "more", Type = "bool" },
                new Field() { Name = "next_key", Type = "string" } // add this line
  • If I set lower_bound and upper_bound with the value "", it returns the first 10 records, whereas I need the latest or last 10 records. So, I can get them by lower_bound="0" and upper_bound="-9". This is solved for the primary keys of type integer. Can you help more with the key type name? How to get the latest records and set the lower_bound for the next 10 records?
    – Varsh
    Commented Apr 16, 2021 at 6:41
  • next_key is not returned by GetTableRows in API.
    – Varsh
    Commented Apr 16, 2021 at 7:36
  • @Varsh upper_bound is the upper boundary value of primary key, not item's index. As you know primary key is uint64_t, so '-9' doesn't make sense here. With reverse = True, you can get last 10 items without lower_bound and upper_bound.
    – conr2d
    Commented Apr 17, 2021 at 3:33

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