Here are two parameters which are located in config.ini in v1.0.0


# the endpoint upon which to listen for incoming connections (eosio::bnet_plugin)
bnet-endpoint =


# The actual host:port used to listen for incoming p2p connections. (eosio::net_plugin)
p2p-listen-endpoint =

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Both net_plugin and bnet_plugin are responsible of to the Peer-to-Peer network. The P2P network is the network that is between the Block Producers.

However, net_plugin is the old plugin for the P2P network. Whereas, the bnet_plugin is a newer and optional protocol plugin that works side-by-side with the existing net_plugin. But, a bnet_plugin only communicates with other plugings of the same kind.

The p2p-listen-endpoint is for the net_plugin. While, bnet-endpoint is for the new bnet_plugin.


EOSIO v1.0 Release Notes (since Dawn 4.2)

With the release of EOSIO v1.0 we’ve got a few small changes from Dawn 4.2. Below is a summary of the more interesting updates since our last release.

Introducing bnet Plugin

This release introduces an alternative P2P network protocol based upon boost::beast websockets and enables multi-threaded networking and faster syncing.

This net plugin works side-by-side with the existing net plugin, though it will only talk to other bnet_plugins on the network. It is entirely independent / optional. To get up and running with the new plugin, simply include eosio::bnet_plugin in your config file or through the command line.

Reference: https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/releases

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