On ubuntu 18.04, when I create a new wallet, by default the wallet directory is in the home dir /home/user/eosio-wallet. I am storing all eos related data on disk storage whose path is /storage. I want the wallet on /storage. How to create the wallet on the given path? I tried:

  1. Creating a wallet cleos wallet create --name $walletname --file wallet.txt >&2 , which saves eosio-wallet dir on /home/user.
  2. Move this wallet to storage disk mv ~/eosio-wallet/ /storage
  3. kill the existing keosd using pkill keosd
  4. Run keosd again with the dir path keosd --wallet-dir /storage/eosio-wallet/ &

After this running other commands which try to unlock the wallet. It returns error:

"/usr/opt/eosio/2.0.0/bin/keosd" launched
password: Error 3120002: Nonexistent wallet
Are you sure you typed the wallet name correctly?
Error Details:
Unable to open file: /home/user/eosio-wallet/./abc.wallet

I am running these commands through shell script. If I separately run keosd --wallet-dir /storage/eosio-wallet/ & and then unlock the wallet it works. But I don't want to do this again and again.

My questions are:

  1. Can I create a wallet directly into the /storage path? If yes then how?
  2. Are the above steps correct?
  3. Should the keosd command need to run again and again whenever I need to access the wallet?
  4. Does keosd needs the only root dir to launch?

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You can specify the path where wallets are stored in the keosd-config.ini in ~/eosio-wallet/config.ini permanently. If you do, keosd will always try to find the wallet-files in this directory.

# The path of the wallet files (absolute path or relative to application data d$
wallet-dir = "path-to-wallet-files"

To use the modified configuration you just have to modify it and restart keosd.

  • This means, anyhow I need ~/eosio-wallet in the home directory?
    – Varsh
    Apr 26, 2021 at 2:35
  • You just need to store the config.ini-file in ~/eosio-wallet but you could store the wallet-files in a different directory.
    – cmadh
    Apr 26, 2021 at 23:10

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