I have a smart contract compiled resulting in a 10,961 Bytes wasm file and a 2,372 Bytes abi file. However, when deploying the contract on chain it consumes about 110,000 Bytes which is almost 10x the wasm+abi file.

Why is the on chain RAM consumption so much higher than what the binary files consume on my hard drive?

How can I estimate/calculate the on chain RAM usage of a compiled smart contract before deploying it?

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Deploying contract is done by two actions, eosio::setcode for wasm, and eosio::setabi for abi. setcode costs 10x the size of wasm file, but setabi costs the exact size of abi file.

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    But why does setcode consume 10 times of the size of the wasm file? Doesn't a normal c/c++ library/executable only consume as much RAM as their filesize? Why is that different for wasm/eosio? Thanks for the info so far. Commented Apr 24, 2021 at 7:52

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