I am getting a "Failed to fetch" transaction failure when I try to both stake/delegate and unstake/undelegate my EOS on eostoolkit. Account is correctly attached via Scatter. Any pointers?

  • Try bloks.io! Welcome to EOS!! – Nat May 12 at 12:42

are you aware of the new powerup model that has been deployed to main net? https://eos.io/news/eos-powerup-model-explained/

eospowerup.io Free daily powerups Automated powerup service based on utilization 1% fee

arm.chintai.io Automated powerups based on utilization 100% fee if paid with EOS 0% fee if paid with CHEX

github.com/eosauthority/authority_charge_client Pay as you Go model - Pay per transaction There are no powerups required Fees range from 0.0005 to 0.0010 based on network

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