I have a beginner question:

What is the difference between:

cleos set contract


cleos set code with cleos set abi

looks like they are the same and basically set contract combines setting the code and abi in one go.

For example if I do:

cleos set contract hello ./hello hello.wasm hello.abi -p hello@active

is equal to:

cleos set code hello hello.wasm
cleos set abi hello hello.abi

What are the differences?

From quick research looks like we can use only cleos set code and we don't need to call cleos set abi when the abi is the same, so it is one less operation, but I though cleos set contract should also skip that internally?

Any noticeable differences?

Thank you

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you are indeed right. Cleos set contract is nothing else than set code and set abi combined into a single command. And it skips set abi if the abi is the same as the one currently set.

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