After deploying a contract built in EOS Studio ... on my call to another action where I have called 'permission_level()' ... I get a permission error "transaction declares authority '{"actor":"grimdespair1","permission":"active"}', but does not have signatures for it under a provided delay of 0 ms, provided permissions [{"actor":"grimdespair1","permission":"eosio.code"}],"

This permission level method seems to be building an eosio.code permission into it

OK - so I've learned that I need to set my eosio.code permission to allow me to do inline actions but I dont see where to do that in my EOS Studio even though the documentation says theres a tool to allow it.

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To do inline actions from within actions you have to SET EOSIO.CODE permission for your account - to do it on a network you make this call using CLEOS.

cleos -u https://testnet.waxsweden.org set account permission active --add-code

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