All of the tutorials on building dApps, they use Javascript and then they tell you how NOT to do it by using your PK to create a signature.

So I'd like to use PHP on the backend and grab my key from a db or something... is there a framework that lets me call wax/eos actions from within PHP?


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I do not know of any PHP libraries that can let you interact with an eosio-based blockchain.

You can try to post your question on this eosio devs telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/0uhWYfXVpPlkNTA1

Another idea is to use eosjs from within your php code.


My experience with PHP is very limited but I'd assume you could install cleos or eosc and call the functions you need via exec(...); like

exec("cleos wallet unlock $wallet_pw", $output);

exec("cleos push transaction $transaction_json", $output);

and so on.

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