I have set up of private blockchain using reference https://developers.eos.io/welcome/latest/tutorials/bios-boot-sequence. My concern is to write the systemd service for these nodes to start and stop the nodeos after and before reboot/shutdown. I need to stop the node just before the reboot/shutdown using stop.sh. This step is just to avoid the unclean shutdown of nodeos which requires replay. And start nodeos using start.sh after the server starts. I create the service in /etc/systemd/system/eos.service :

Description=Start and Stop the eos blockchain
After=network.target shutdown.target reboot.target



This service is active but not working. Please help me with writing the service file. Or any other way to start the nodeos using the start.sh file after server restart/shutdown?


this doesn't look like a eosio related question but more related to systemd and how to configure it properly.

if the two shel scripts

  • /home/user/biosboot/genesis/stop.sh
  • /home/user/biosboot/genesis/start.sh

are working well by themselves then most likely the problem is in how you configure systemd.

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