I am using Mongo Db Plugin to save actions and transactions. I need latest 10 actions. I didn't found any C# library for mongodb queries. So, I am using this C# code:

MongoClient client = new MongoClient(MongoDBPathFromConfig);
IMongoDatabase db = client.GetDatabase("EOS");
var collection = db.GetCollection<TransactionTrace>("action_traces");
var sort = Builders<TransactionTrace>.Sort.Descending("_id");
var filter = Builders<TransactionTrace>.Filter.Empty;
List<TransactionTrace> actionList = collection.Find(filter).Sort(sort).Limit(10).ToList();

How to get the account_action_seq which is generally returned from eosjs like libraries when we find actions? I need this sequence so that I can set pos and offset to search for more actions. Please help.


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