How can I fund this EOS Testnet account?

  • address: qi1lzjkyntve
  • memo: 2ewUBwtRY

Jungle3, Scatter, testnet.eos.io, testnet.help/en/eosfaucet/testnet (& others) are NOT working!

Those EOS Testnets only allow users to create a NEW account/key, and then directly fund them there.

Is it impossible to fund an address/memo pair that was generated by a crypto exchange?

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I successfully used the Jungel3 faucet at https://monitor3.jungletestnet.io/#faucet to send tokens to qi1lzjkyntve

Seems to work fine.

Scatter is not a testnet.

  • Thanks Matthew! Really appreciate it. Is it possible to send funds to a MEMO using Jungle3?
    – Capybara
    Commented Aug 3, 2021 at 20:09
  • Sure, just it works just like any other EOSIO chain. For example you can use jungle3.bloks.io See help here: docs.bloks.io/wallet/transfer Commented Aug 4, 2021 at 21:42
  • You can't transfer Jungle tokens to any exchanges though, since no exchanges will accept it. Commented Aug 4, 2021 at 21:44

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