I am trying to setup EOSIO production node on Ubuntu. My specs are following:

NAME="Ubuntu" VERSION="20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa)" with 62GB RAM and 500GB storage. I have installed eosio using pre-built binaries. I want to setup node as producing node but connection refuse on p2p-peer address: my config is following:


producer-name = atifmehmood1
signature-provider = <EOS-Pub key>=KEY:<EOS-Pvt key>
agent-name = Eosio.Identity

http-server-address =
p2p-listen-endpoint =
p2p-server-address =

p2p-peer-address =

I am running Nodeos with following command:

nodeos  --plugin eosio::producer_plugin --plugin eosio::producer_api_plugin 
--plugin eosio::chain_api_plugin --plugin eosio::http_plugin 
--http-validate-host=false --delete-state-history --delete-all-blocks >> nodes.log 2>&1 &

But I am getting these error:

enter image description here enter image description here

I have tried lots of IPs from this link(https://github.com/superoneio/eos-mainnet/blob/master/config.ini) as p2p-peer address but still no luck. Kindly help me out here.


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I was not running through latest snapshot. I downloaded snapshot and ran Nodeos again with nodeso --snapshot /path/ and it worked


I am facing some issues while running through snapshots , i am on ubuntu 18.04. Also to mention, i have installed pre-built binaries of eosio. Node is starting from 1st block but it was taking so much time so i tried using snapshots but its isnt working properly. command used :

  1. stop.sh
  2. nodeos --snapshot /path --force-all-checks

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