I'm just wondering if there is a developer-friendly development environment for EOS.IO (https://github.com/EOSIO/eos) ? Because I found using a editor is not convenient enough to do some unit testing.


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You can try CLion which is not free, but I found it very useful. You can use any other C++ IDE like Code::Blocks.

The important part is that EOSIO is using CMake to build the project (it's like Maven / Gradle for Java or npm for Node.js) which should be integrated in most of the IDEs.

In terms of testing I guess you can use actually eosjs and assert the results of the contracts using javascript testing frameworks like Mocha (as test runner) + Chai (as assertion library) or any other libs.

For running EOSIO locally I use Docker on top of my Ubuntu.

To experiment with contract development I actually use official github repository and write the contracts in https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/tree/master/contracts directory.

Here is very useful video for setup described above: Building Distributed Apps With EOS.IO Blockchain

Also, check this guide Manually Install Dependencies in case you want to setup related dependencies which you will need when running and building the project

  • For the javascript tests you could use github.com/LimeChain/eoslime . Allows to deploy empty contract each time. Also makes using eosjs a bit easier in the testing cases.
    – Kristian
    Jan 25, 2019 at 12:47

You can check infeos. It's a javascript & npm framework for developing, building, deploying and testing EOSIO dApps. It works perfectly with VS Code or any other editor. Some of the main key features are:

  1. Setup a dev environment in a matter of minutes
  2. Start a full local node in seconds with only one command and option to choose your network for development - EOS, Telos or Worbli
  3. Develop EOSIO dApps on Windows as easily as on Mac. You can run a local EOS node on Windows :)
  4. Unit test your EOSIO smart contracts using JavaScript - you can check also the tutorial I wrote a few days ago: "Unit test EOS smart contracts with Javascript"
  5. Full control over your environment configurations and deployment setup
  6. Optimized dApp project structure for high-quality and efficiency dApps
  7. Super easy and simple to use - you don’t need to be an EOSIO developer to work with the smart contracts of a dApp. All back-ends and front-ends developers now have the power to work with you dApp on blockchain level in just learning a few commands

You can also see it here in action. :)

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