I want to execute get_supply from currency.hpp.

Here is the definition:

asset get_supply( symbol_name symbol )const {
        accounts t( _contract, symbol );
        return t.get(symbol).balance;

Currency constructor:

currency( account_name contract )
         { }

I am trying like that:

void get_supply(extended_asset mytoken) {
        extended_symbol es = mytoken.get_extended_symbol();
        auto sym = es.symbol;
        auto curr = currency(N(mytoken.token));
        auto stats = curr.get_supply(sym);

mytoken.token -> custom token contract (copy of eosio.token)

I am getting error:

Error 3050003: eosio_assert_message assertion failure Error Details: assertion failure with message: unable to find key

Anyone knows how to use this function correctly?

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The problem occurs on the line:

return t.get(symbol).balance;

The reason is that the primary key in the multi-index table does not exist. This means that you must have not added the symbol to the accounts table. You would have to do this by using the multi_index::emplace function before trying to access the table entry.

Presumably it could also be that the values you are using for the contract and scope of the table are incorrect.

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