I'm trying to write a contract that has a table with few vectors, even tho it seems to be writing all the values correctly it fails to read the values back.

The structs and tables are bellow:

  struct game_asset {
     uint8_t type;
     uint8_t quantity;

  struct player_assets {
      vector<game_asset> figthers; 
      vector<game_asset> promoters;


  TABLE players_s {
     name wallet;
     player_assets assets;
     vector<uint32_t> list;
     uint64_t last_claim;
     uint64_t primary_key() const { return wallet.value; }
  typedef multi_index<name("players"), players_s> players_t;   
  players_t players = players_t(get_self(), get_self().value); 

Once I save the values I see the content on the table like this:

1   testtest123 {"figthers":[{"quantity":1,"type":2}],"promoters":[]}   [205256]    1641853772

However, when I try to read the assets field returns empty, my impression is that I'm failing on serialize correctly something


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