I'm developing the eos wallet app on react native. But it happens the issues like following.

My code is

import { Api, JsonRpc, RpcError } from 'eosjs';
import { JsSignatureProvider } from 'eosjs/dist/eosjs-jssig';

const defaultPrivateKey = ['5KQwrPbwdL6PhXujxW37FSSQZ1JiwsST4cqQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3'];
const signatureProvider = new JsSignatureProvider(defaultPrivateKey);

Then I can see the issue as following

TypeError: priv.getPublicKey is not a function. (In 'priv.getPublicKey()', 'priv.getPublicKey' is undefined)

Please let me know how to fix this issue.


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