I need to write a contract that automaticaly mint nfts when tokens are being transferred.

So i have my :

void logdeposit(name from,name destination, eosio::asset quantity, std::string memo); 

This is working fine and i am able to log incoming deposit on a table.

Now my problem is to understand how can i call actions on the behalf of my contract ?

What i am trying to to for testing is simply to return sent tokens.

So after my log deposits, i try to call this action :

sendtoken(destinationuser,returnedseed,"Returned leftover seeds.");

 ACTION seeds1::sendtoken(name to,asset quantity,string memo){
    print("returning : ",quantity.amount," - ",quantity.symbol);
      std::make_tuple(get_self(),to,quantity,"returning seeds")

But that throw me a permission error. So i guess, because the on_notify was trigger by the user transfer it still uses its permission. That is fine for the log deposit action (which record in a table the current user deposit balance).

So here is my question :

  • From my log deposit action, how do I call other contract actions with the contract permission (and its important that those actions should only be able to be accessed by the contract, not public)

Thanks a lot :)

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So i have found my problem, I had to add the eosio.code permission to my active key.

Since im in a local testnet, I follow this post, worked very well :

Add permission in eos studio

Now i have a new error :

"eosio: assertion failure with message: datastream attempted to read past the end"

Currently looking into it :)

Hope this will be usefull to others anyway !

  • pls mark your answer as correct solution for your initial question.
    – cmadh
    May 12, 2022 at 10:46

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