I'm developing a smart contract and yesterday I couldn't deploy it into testnet with error:

root@698a02be20d9:/# cleos --verbose set contract myaccount /work/mycontract -p myaccount@active
Reading WASM from /work/mycontract/mycontract.wasm...
Publishing contract...
Error 3200000: http exception
Error Details:
Unable to read http response: End of file
Stack Trace:
httpc.cpp:100 do_txrx

The size of mycontract.wasm is 513KB for now. There is no problem with deployment of smaller contracts. What can I do with this situation?

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512 KB

EOSIO does not impose this limit on contract size, but it has a limit on max transaction size, which is 512KB.

Since the contract is set by a "setcode" action on eosio contract, de facto the limit is 512KB.

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