I am following the example on how to use KV-Map-API from the official page, but when I call cleos set contract ... I get following error message:

Error 3070003: Serialization Error Processing WASM
Error Details:
env.kv_set unresolveable
pending console output:

EOS version is 2.1 and EOS.CDT is the latest one (v1.8.1). I have also tried to use normal std::map but I can only see values during the upsert function. When I call find function the map is empty. Here is the example with KV MAP:

 using my_map_t = eosio::kv::map<"kvmap"_n, string, string>;
 my_map_t my_map{};

 void upsertrole(const string& role, const string account_name){

Does anyone have any idea what I am missing?

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EOSIO Version 2.1 is obsolete, would not recommend to use it.

Use the AntelopeIO releases, latest is version 3.2. KV is not supported in AntelopeIO releases.


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