I have an existing account named aaa, and then i create a new account named bbb with aaa. It costs several eos tokens for ram/cpu/net stake. Is there a way to delete account bbb, and reclaim ram/cpu/net staked eos?


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You can’t delete account but you could undelegate all staked EOS and effectively leave that account inactive.

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    What about RAM? I can't sell all the account's RAM because the account itself takes RAM on the blockchain. Commented Jul 1, 2018 at 22:29

After some research, account cannot be deleted.


when someone create an account it will be propagated to all BPs and then be stored on blockchain comprising with 2 public keys.

In EOS eco-system user has only one way to transfer EOS to each other via Account Name so logically and technically it can't be deleted.

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