How can I pass an account name as the lower and upper bound in the getTableRows method?

I've looked at types.hpp and saw the string_to_name method, is there a similar method in EOSjs?

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The eosjs library has a format module that will transform account name strings into the appropriate table keys...

const Eos = require("eosjs")
const BigNumber = require("bignumber.js")

const accountName = 'myaccount'
const encodedName = new 
BigNumber(Eos.modules.format.encodeName(accountName, false))

** Notes:

  • Be sure to pass false to format.encodeName, otherwise, you'll be transforming account names using littleEndian=true
  • You'll want to use the BigNumber JS library, otherwise, any arithmetic is likely to be incorrect.

Then, you can call getTableRows like so...

  code: contractName.toString(),
  json: json,
  limit: limit,
  lower_bound: encodedName.toString(),
  scope: contractName.toString(),
  table: tableName.toString(),
  upper_bound: encodedName.plus(1).toString()
  • Unfortunately, there's no Eos.modules.format.encodeName in eosjs 20. Commented Aug 14, 2019 at 14:06

Here is an example using eosjs@20

const BigNumber = require('bignumber.js')
const { Serialize, Numeric } = require('eosjs')
const { TextEncoder, TextDecoder } = require('util')

const numericFromName = (accountName) => {
    const sb = new Serialize.SerialBuffer({
      textEncoder: new TextEncoder(),
      textDecoder: new TextDecoder()


    return Numeric.binaryToDecimal(sb.getUint8Array(8));

const checkUserExists = async ({ blockchain, accountName }) => {
  const numericAccountName = numericFromName(accountName)

  const { rows } = await blockchain.rpc.get_table_rows({
    code: 'accounts',
    scope: 'accounts',
    table: 'users',
    json: true,
    lower_bound: numericAccountName,
    upper_bound: BigNumber(numericAccountName).plus(1)

  return rows.length > 0

module.exports = checkUserExists

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