I have an account with 90 eos staked for cpu bandwidth, and it shows 7 ms used with this account. My question is that is it possible to unstake all the 90 eos?

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    Good question! I think if you are able to unstake the full amount, your account may be unusable afterwards. In Steem, accounts become unusable once the staked amount gets too low, so leaving a little is recommended. Perhaps the cpu usage ensures you can't unstake too much, and will reserve a couple of EOS for operations. – andybets Jun 13 '18 at 12:51

The unstake command will become available after at least 15% of the total token holders vote on the chain. Right now, were almost at 7% (https://eosauthority.com/voting), so no one can unstake their tokens. Thomas Cox elaborates on this in his post Magic 15%.

"And even after we hit 15% and the “unstake” command becomes available, it takes three days for unstaking of tokens used for CPU or bandwidth."



Voting requires Staked tokens and when voting is ended, you will be able to unstake them.

However, Staked tokens require a 3-day liquidation.

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