I was following along the tutorials till this page.


I am unable to find the ~/eosio-wallet/config.ini file, I do however am able to see the /tmp/eosio/config/config.ini, not sure if this is the same thing.

The tutorial asked me to use the keosd command but did not teach me how to set it up, I was following along and did not skip any part.

enter image description here

Later the tutorial ask me to cd to eos/build/programs/nodeos. I've used the search function and managed to find only one eos folder, however it does not contain any nodeos or keosd .

enter image description here

So right now I am just stuck not able to move forward with the tutorial.

  • you're skipping many steps if that's the first article you're doing. start here if you want to use docker or look here if you want to install everything yourself
    – confused00
    Commented Jul 18, 2018 at 18:02

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I just built 1.05 and after I run nodeos to get its config.ini to generate, I see 2 configs with:

sudo find / -name config.ini


Be sure to run nodeos once as the build does not come with a config.ini for nodeos. It will produce one after you run it. I'm not sure when the keosd one comes in.

Then you should be able to edit with:

sudo nano ~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/config/config.ini

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