What's the difference between premium and non premium account names?

Is there bidding on regular account names (what is that process)?

Say I want the account name "java". That would be premium, no? How about if I want "java00000000" (12 characters)? Is that a non-premium account? How can I secure that account name?

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Normal acccount names

Are exactly 12 characters long and do not contain a dot. These can be created right now by sending a newaccount action to the eosio.system contract.

Premium Account Names

These are less than 12 characters or contain a dot. To obtain the right to create one of those with the newaccount action you must first win an auction for that name. When you own the premium account x you and only you also gain the right to create accounts of the form name.x. Premium account names are basically your own TLD.


Premium names will be available in the form of "suffixes".

The text of the link below answers your question. https://steemit.com/eos/@genereos/eos-premium-name-auctions-get-in-early


Also, I want to add that only one premium account suffix (or top-level-account name) will be released starting on the 14th day of main net launch. The highest bidder will get whatever suffix s/he bid for in a given day.

This means, if you bid for a premium name suffix with a low ball bid say 1 EOS or something, you may get it on a day when no other token holder has a higher bid (> 1 EOS) across all the names. This is really restricting and is originally designed to stop name squatting (like we have experienced in domain name arena).

However, I really hope that the community will vote for a workers proposal to allow changing this to 10-100 suffixes per day. :)

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