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How to find lost tokens? I staked eos bet tokens from a trust wallet. I played on site where it showed they were staked. Went back and they were gon

I have a transaction number showing the 300 went to another address. Think it mighta been the wrong address. I was staking form trust wallet which is a binance address but I think it mighta sent to an ...
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Total Unique Addresses Count of EOS

I need to find an API giving the total number of unique addresses used on the EOS blockchain. For example, this page provides it for Ethereum. You can also see a methodology for the cryptocurrencies ...
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Can we use addresses to query balances from EOSJS?

I wanted to know if we could use addresses instead of account names to query balances (get_currency_balance) from eosjs?
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What is the format of an EOS wallet address?

A Bitcoin address is base58 of the hashed public key, you can find a more detailed explanation here Is there any resource out there explaining in similar fashion ...
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Which desktop and mobile wallets support watch only addresses for EOS?

I have an account and want to setup a watch only wallet address. Is there a desktop or mobile wallet that lets me just load up an address but not the private key? I have my private key on a paper ...
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