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Why don't RPC get_table_rows return all rows?

I have 395 items in a table. Why don't RPC get_table_rows return all items in a POST request? I'm testing with two api endpoints: and {'scope': 'cptblackbill', ...
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EOSIO Error: 3040006 from api

from this afternoon we receive the error in question from the api, without having changed anything after several months of use. Anyone have an idea why?
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API to push action from a web application

I would like to know what is the API which corresponds to this command: cleos push action contract_name action_name'[param1,param2]' -p count@active Exemple command: cleos get info API: http://...
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Is there RPC API endpoint to request how much resources account uses?

Is there any way to track or get information about current user account resources consumption using RPC API? I.e. how many operations can be executed with the current tokens or how much RAM or CPU is ...
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Get public key of an EOS account name

Most questions are asking about getting the account name from a public key. But what I'm looking for is getting the public key from an account name. How can this be done via one of the BP public api ...
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How jungle test net show account history?

I am getting a history of account on jungle test net. Like this: cleos --url get actions <my account> -1 -2 -j The problem is it shows the actions till 14 ...