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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple smartcontracts?

I have noticed many EOS contract programmers choose to have a token contract and a seperate smart contract for other things to do with those tokens. What are the advantages and disadvantages to this ...
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Is it possible to get the creation timestamp of a record of a Smart Contract Table?

Usually in centralized apps we have the fields created_at and created_by to know when and who created this record and also sometimes modified_at and modified_by to register who and when was the last ...
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When to use or not use the Contract Scope?

Analyzing the eosio.token contract we see that the token stats is stored under the SYM scope. So if I want to read a token stat, like supply, I need to execute: cleos get table eosio.token EOS stats ...
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How do you define who pays and who stores on your Smart Contract tables?

Sometimes I find myself lost deciding how I will store data for my application. I have a dilemma about: Decentralization vs Accessibility for everybody? Looking to this table, which manage DAOs: // ...
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What's the size of a word in the EOS virtual machine?

What does the low level architecture look like? I'm wondering about word sizes specifically.
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