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Can’t do transaction from eos authority

I created an eos account on eos authority and am trying to make a transaction, but it wants to confirm the account through anchor or cleos but I don’t have an account there and I can’t import the ...
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Multi index table asks an unusual permission to emplace new row

Problem I'm trying to emplace a new row in a multi-index table, but it tells me that I don't have the authotity of the row key name to do it. Code Multi-index table definition struct [[eosio::...
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What is the use of eosio.code?

Some major questions I have: What does eosio.code mean? When do we require eosio.code? Why it is not mentioned in the official EOSIO developer's documentation?
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How to create a separate EOS permission for voting using cleos

The goal is to have a new account permission called 'vote' that I can use for voting. If my key for that permission gets compromised I can simply replace it using my active permission. In the meantime ...
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Question About Last Step in "The Ultimate End-to-End EOS dApp Tutorial Part 2"

I think the answer has something to do with giving the contract eosio.code authority: // example lets foo's contract have foo@active authority: cleos set account permission foo active '{"threshold": ...
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