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make inline transfer contract and using it on jungle testnet

hello everyone i am faceing a problem on jungle testnet i am trying to make a inline transfer but i got this error after i work with the api_endpoint the code is #include <eosio/eosio.hpp> #...
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How can I specify a proxy agent to connect?

I'm trying to get the balance of an account with this code (dfuse example): global.fetch = require("node-fetch"); global.WebSocket = require("ws"); const { createDfuseClient } = require("@dfuse/...
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Can we use addresses to query balances from EOSJS?

I wanted to know if we could use addresses instead of account names to query balances (get_currency_balance) from eosjs?
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How to send EOS tokens to a new account using cleos? Are EOS token created by default in private testing blockchians?

I'm using eos 1.4.3 and ubuntu 16.4 I'm not using docker, I've built the project locally. I've just created 2 new accounts (Alice and Bob), I've also instantiated the eosio account. I've read and ...
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What limits does an API endpoint impose on transactions which fail due to assertions?

Scenario: I connect to an API endpoint and repeatedly send transactions (with cleos) which are all ultimately rejected with eosio_assert_message. Such transactions don't seem to eat up CPU or network ...
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How to check balance of dynamically determined token contract?

If I am using eosio.token as my token contract (or I know my token contract during compile time), the following code will work. accounts accountstable(N(eosio.token), account); auto itr_a = ...
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get token balance from another contract

How do we accomplish this on EOSIO? In Ethereum we get the reference of another contract using the contract address, what about for EOSIO? Can anyone provide a sample code for this? Would like to ...
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Does EOS use UTXO (BTC) or Account (ETH) to store account balance?

BTC uses UTXO to store account balance, while ETH uses Accounts to store balance ( What does EOS use?
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What is the difference between EOS balance and EOS Mortgage?

I'm looking at this account at EOSPark block explorer. As I've seen from my own account, EOS balance (which is currently 10 EOSes for every account I've seen) was subtracted from total EOSes (acquired ...
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How are anonymous balances and records implemented

Daniel Larimer has said, "account balances can be made confidential but not source/sender." (Source: EOS Telegram group) How do confidential account balances work? How, if at all, does that technique ...
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