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Questions about the block producing (BP) nodes who validate and commit transactions to the blockchain by building new blocks. Questions may relate to block-producing plugins, block producing algorithm, BP performance, setting up BP nodes, hardware specs, BP voting protocol, BP registering, and others.

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Tool for tracking BPs performance

Is there any tool tracking BPs performance? Like outages, transactions per block, etc... If it dose not exist yet - i will make it. And would love to hear what metrics you want to see.
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How to get BP votes in EOS using cleos?

cleos system listproducers -l 21 -j { "rows": [{ "owner": "bitfinexeos1", "total_votes": "322468184386323200.00000000000000000", "producer_key": "...
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what are the steps to connect to a test net?

I have gone through the process of building latest dawn tag and ran the verification tests; what are the next steps to follow to be able to connect to a test net my brand new shiny BP? thank you
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How many blocks in a row one producer can produce? How many blocks need to be produced to be considered as irreversible?

I am running so called SuperHero testnet node on my computer, and I've noticed that according to logs, blocks are produced in series, usually by 12 in one series produced by one block producer: Can ...
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Where can I find a list of the current 21 Block Producers?

Where online can I find a list of the current 21 Block Producers? And the 100 additional standby producers?
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Will EOS sidechains have the same block producers as the EOS main chain?

Wax and ONO have announced their intentions to launch their projects on sidechains rather than the main chain. Does this mean that they would need their own block producers or are sidechains also ...
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What is the system requirements of being a block producer?

How powerful are the systems of being a block producer? I'm assuming it must be very powerful systems since they make alot of EOS tokens everyday.
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Changing Producer Count on Private Blockchain

In a private EOS blockchain environment (think company/industry specific), is there a way to change the number of block producers in the network to be more than the 21 used in the public blockchain? ...
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What Block Producer resources are available?

Running a Block Producer is a complex job. BP candidates would find useful tools, tips, documentation, security tips, setup examples, cost calculators. What of these and other BP resources are ...
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What is the practical process by which BPs change the RAM available on the mainnet?

What is the process that BPs follow to update the RAM size at regular intervals? From what I can tell, the update is made in the eosio_global_state singleton to update the max_ram_size parameter in ...
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Is there a BP with available smart-contracts that we can simply run without submitting?

Submitting a smart contracts to different BPs gives me different errors. Would there be a BP with ready-to-run smart-contracts (which are found in a /contracts directory) that can be executed by EOS ...
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