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How two EOS nodes on two diffrent instances of aws can communicate with each other through an EOS private chain?

I have setup node on each of two aws instance i.e two nodes on diffrent aws instance , thus created a private blockchain on both of the instances . Now how can i make them communicate with each other ...
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0 answers

Does have more funding than Ethereum Foundation?

I'm curious to who has more funding. or Ethereum Foundation? Are there other organizations that serve the role of increasing adoption for eos or ethereum foundation? Also how do they differ?
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1 answer

Has the EOS ICO dumped all of their Ethereum it raised during the year long ICO?

EOS raised 4 billion worth of Ether in the long 1 year ICO. Has the EOS team dumped all of their ether already? What were the addresses of the ICO funds and where did they dump it?
2 votes
1 answer

How much does have in funding that support itself?

Supposedly raised 4 billion in Ether. Did they sell all the ether? How much is left? How much usd funding do they have to support themselves? How is allocating their funds?
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1 answer

How is related to EOS? What is their history?

From what I know is the development company to help build out EOS. But what is the history of How did win the rights to build out EOS vs another company? Were there ...
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1 answer

Where is the roadmap for EOS development? What is happing in 2019 and beyond?

What is planned for EOS in the coming future? Where can one see the roadmap for the project?
3 votes
1 answer

Where can a startup seek funding from for building out EOS applications?

Is there a place where one can goto for funding from for building out EOS apps?