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How to match object value from fc::variant which is std::pair type in contract unit test via Boost test?

This is example of object singletone table which i trying to test: { "rows": [{ "account": "ins", "first_approve": { "first": "apk", "second": 1 ...
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1 answer

How to include boost when building using eosio.cdt?

I'd like to use the multiprecision library, but i'm having problems including the header filer. CMakeLists: include(ExternalProject) cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.10) # if no cdt root is given ...
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How to format string in a contract [closed]

I'm trying to format string using boost library, but EOS gives error <atomic> is not supported on this single threaded system. But, as for me, boost format is the most convenient solution. ...
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Building EOS on Ubuntu Linux Subsystem

I am having some issues running on Ubuntu 16.04 which is running on Windows 10 through the linux subsystem. It installs all the dependencies but stalls when installing the boost ...
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How do I set CMake on for Windows CLion?

Update: Running: Visuals Studios w/ Ubuntu Module Windows (Mac Answer Below) CLion I was able to figure out MinGW (probably not ideal solution if you want to use Git) / OpenSSL / Boost / WASM / ...
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