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1 answer

Why Launch dapp On-Chain VS Side-Chain?

I am struggling to come up with reasons to launch a dApp intended of reaching significant size completely on the main chain vs a customized side chain. I think either would utilize a token. By ...
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Stacking EOS on Block Producers Account

I was verifying the amount of EOS staked by BPs. After going through a number of them its seems they have not staked most of their EOS to the NET. https://...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do the public 21 BP's nodes prevent DDOS attacks?

There are 21 BP nodes, how do they prevent DDOS attacks that knock them offline by sending massive amounts of traffic to these public ips?
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How Does Round Robin BP Selection Work In EOSIO?

Is this a deterministic selection or is randomness introduced into BP selection? What about state transition verification? Are there any plans to improve BP selection?
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2 answers

Where does one go to vote for an EOS BP?

I checked eosauthority wallet and no where can I find a place to vote for a BP. How does one vote for a BP with scatter?
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1 vote
1 answer

EOSIO's BP Benchmark

Today, I am researching how I can draw a diagram for BPs Benchmark, and luckily I found information about Ahola. But I cannot figure it out, how I can get value from Ahola's smart contract to draw a ...
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What stops someone from DDOSing the 21 block producers?

From my understanding the top 21 block producers have very beefy systems and it would be very hard to ddos them. Is this true? What protections do they have from a ddos happening?
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Who is the NYC block producer? How much eos do they control? [closed]

Who controls the NYC block producer? And how much eos do they control? And how were they nominated in the first place?
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