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Questions tagged [bug]

Questions concerning bugs in EOS core, dapps and contracts.

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0 votes
2 answers

Send ID for transaction inside smart contract can not be _self

With the last CDT, to send transaction inside smart contract, here is my code eosio::transaction out; out.actions.emplace_back(eosio::permission_level{get_self(), "active"_n}, get_self(), "...
1 vote
0 answers

Make Test fails

I just tried to go through this yesterday on a new server build and am stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Installed latest ubuntu on a VM. Followed instructions here:
4 votes
1 answer

360 Security Bug Claim. Truth or FUD?

Coingape reported that Internet Security Giant 360 found an Epic Secutiry Bug in EOS. According to the article, "remote attacks on its blockchain platform can directly control it and take over all ...