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Is it possible to compile a smart contract using g++ or clang?

I want to write and execute some unit tests on a smart contract outside of nodeos, but to do that I need to be able to compile the code the normal C++ way, using g++ or clang, so that I get object or ...
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Convert string to float or double

I am trying to convert a string to a float or double, however none of the standard C/C++ methods seem to work. I have tried: atof strtof strtod sscanf In each case, I get an error message when ...
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How to retrieve data from multi index table? i a=have stored data dynamically using emplace method now how to get it back as a Record?

I have used this code to store the data(name and marks) in the table, now i want to retrieve that data in the form of record. how can i get that? void addmarks(account_name examiner, account_name ...
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Error 30700002: Smart contract's apply function not exported; non-existent; or wrong type

I have written a smart contract and I want to start testing it, it contains an apply function, which currently checks for a transfer, and then calls the appropriate function: void mycontract::apply(...
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Which IDE can I use for EOS C++ source code?

What I need is an IDE as advanced as Eclipse, that would tell me if certain imports are missing, variables not declared, compile errors, and so on... I am using Linux so Visual Studio won't work for ...
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Building smart contract error: redefinition of 'time' as different kind of symbol typedef uint32_t time;

I am pretty desperate at this point to search for hints on this issue, though I am pretty sure it's because I'm new to C++ include system. I am getting an error while trying to run a wasm executable ...
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How to get current RAM price inside a contract in C++?

How can I programatically get the current(last) RAM price inside an EOS smart contract in C++? I need to handle the data inside the smart contract for an experiment.
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how to create an account except the way of using cleos?

guys!I am a beginner of eos. As it is said on the title, i want to create accounts by the way other than using cleos. I have traversed the doc of eos, but not seen the interface to create an account ...
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Setting up C++ developing environment

I'm a C++ dev and spent last months trying out solidity stuff but defintely want to try EOS now. How do I get started to understand all the terms and various parts of EOS ? I've seen gas works ...
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What libraries are supported by contracts?

What libraries can be used when writing a contract in C++? What are the limitations? If I have a library I normally use and like, how do I compile it for use by contracts?
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How can I call third party APIs from inside a smart contract at a set time or interval?

In a scenario where a smart contract needs to check against a third party service (Let's say an API with weather information from a trusted source like and make a decision on moving ...
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Which version of C++ can I use in smart contracts?

Which version of C++ can I use to implement smart contracts? For example: C++11, C++14 or C++17? Do we have any constant or doc where it is defined? Also, in my understanding the code is sandboxed, ...
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