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Failing EOSIO manual build, Could NOT find WASM (missing: WASM_CLANG WASM_LLC WASM_LLVM_LINK)

I tried to follow instruction from for manual build but kept failing the cmake step. cmake -DBINARYEN_BIN=~/binaryen/bin -DWASM_ROOT=~/wasm-...
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How do I set CMake on for Windows CLion?

Update: Running: Visuals Studios w/ Ubuntu Module Windows (Mac Answer Below) CLion I was able to figure out MinGW (probably not ideal solution if you want to use Git) / OpenSSL / Boost / WASM / ...
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How to link an external library to my eosio smart contract?

I normally use eosio-cpp to compile my smart contract, but recently I needed to use an external lib and link to it to build my project. I checked the docs here, but it basically shows how to use cmake ...
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