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account permmison inside action

my code is authority auth{.threshold = 1,.keys = {{.key = key,.weight = 1}}, .accounts = {{.permission = {.actor = get_self(),.permission"eosio.code"_n},.weight = 1}}, ...
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what is receiver account for and what is ds, in new version of eosio contract's constructor declaration

In the new version of eosio we declare the constructor as : addressbook(name receiver, name code, datastream<const char *> ds) : contract(receiver, code, ds){} How does datastream ds work here ...
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eos smart contract constructor

when is smart contract constructor triggered for the first time? I know it is triggered every time action is pushed, but what if i want something to be triggered when smart contract is deployed for ...
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Constructor error message

I am writing a smart contract for use within the EOSIO system contract. I am receiving this error message multiple times: constructor for 'eosio::multi_index<13510798882111488, BP>::item' must ...
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How do you construct a singleton in dawn4?

Looks like they changed the constructor for singletons or I am doing this incorrectly. Can anyone advise? #include <eosiolib/eosio.hpp> #include <eosiolib/singleton.hpp> using namespace ...
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