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Questions about EOSIO CPU concept, which is used to account for computational time required for processing transactions. Questions may relate to CPU allocation, usage reset, costs, optimisation, limitations, and others.

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How to catch transaction errors?

I'm trying to send a specific number of transactions per day to a smart contract. Because of low CPU stake I easily get CPU error. My goal is to catch this error and handle it in order to keep trying ...
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Is there a way to gauge how clogged the EOS resource exchange is where transactions would get stuck?

With the recent resources causing transactions to get stuck. Is there a way to gauge if my transaction would get stuck? Is there some type of graph or chart to see how much of the resources are free ...
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Profiling EOS.IO smart contract code

What's the best way for profiling the code of an EOS.IO smart contract? I'd like to know what percentage of the CPU time is spent on executing each function\line (including multi index table function ...
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CPU reset period and CPU used over max amount

My problem: I have used more CPU than my max allowed amount. And this is not getting reset despite that one week has passed since I noticed it. I tried to stake up some EOS (but not enough to reach ...
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CPU/NET Leasehold model

Who can tell me about the leasing model of EOS, or where do you find the corresponding EOS code?
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unable to unstake or withdraw tokens

I tried to withdraw my EOS from Simpleos wallet but was getting " Error: billed CPU time (286 us) is greater than the maximum billable CPU time for the transaction (0 us). So ,I decided to stake ...
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How to increase the maximum billable CPU

I have 0,15 Eos in CPU in fairy wallet, so I can not delegate more Eos in CPU due to the error: "billed CPU time (857 us) is greater than the maximum billable CPU time for the transaction (165 us)" I ...
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Can a transfer fail when the receiving account is out of resources?

I have seen this twice now on our Telos project - an account that ran out of CPU / net / RAM - not entirely sure which - became impossible to send to from another account that was still OK. It's as ...
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When deploying a contract what is important (overall contract/wasm size or amount of functions etc) to not get transaction took too long

when I try to deploy the system.contract I sometimes get transaction took too long with the new eosio version 1.8.1. Now I would like to know on which part of a contract do I need to pay attention ...
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Exception Details: 3080006 deadline_exception: Transaction took too long

I'm getting this error and have read all there is to read on the net (which isn't much) about it. mostly I see others complaining about this error when they run an action for the first time in my ...
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Network still clogged after update with new fee structure in 2021?

I'm trying to make a trade on NewDex exchange and I have 100 EOS staked, but I run out of CPU after 1 transaction. How much EOS do I really need staked in order to at least make 5-10 trades? It's kind ...
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